Online Display Advertising

In the last decade, many UK companies have been looking at the Internet to market their business in a way that reaches a variety of customers efficiently. There are many different ways to spread word about your products and services on-line. With the rise of social media networks, blogs, forums, user groups, and comments/discussions on articles all over the web, you have many ways to reach out to your potential clients.

Digital vs. Traditional Advertising

On-line advertising is not much different in concept to advertising on billboards, in magazines, newspapers, or other traditional media. Because of the ubiquity of Internet access in Britain, web display advertising reaches more people with less costs associated as well.

Any business that does not have an Internet presence might want to consider that this is usually an essential step to becoming successful as a company. Even if you are marketing only locally, studies have shown that people will still mostly use the Internet even to find local information, so your own website can help with interest and sales greatly.

Web Banner Advertising

You are able to purchase Internet "real estate" for your web banner advertisements on sites in your industry or a related industry. The site that you get your advertising services from will tell you the measurements needed for the image. If you have a marketing team and a web designer, then they will create a catchy and attractive banner to sell your goods or services.

Tailoring Your Advertising

When you create advertisements for on-line sites, then you will also want to think of a few different formats and styles, because they will be shared by users in many different ways. If you create YouTube videos, info-graphics, e books, articles, or other content, then you will want to share those links in your banner advertising. Make sure that the ads come in a few different sizes so that they can be shared on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and even on-line blogs and forums.

Mobile Advertising in the United Kingdom

In 2011, mobile advertising in the United Kingdom rose dramatically with an over-150% increase. It is now estimated that the value of this industry is some £200m, and it is only set to get higher as more consumers are adopting the latest technologies - including touch-screens, tablets and 4G devices.

With all this in mind, business owners out to succeed should look for companies that will help them locate their advertising in a format that is easy to display on a plethora of devices.

At the same time, mobile payment technology is getting more convenient, making it easy for your clients to make purchasing decisions on-the-go.

Guidelines for Advertising On-line

In general, UK guidelines for on-line advertising are set by government regulators. Advertising on the Internet should always be legal, decent, honest, and truthful. There are usually strict consequences for not complying and corporations have faced government scrutiny in the past for making claims that could not be verified, or for creating advertising with little else, but shock value.

If you have a professional marketing team they will be using materials that are in line with the Advertising Code. If you are working with a third-party designer or marketer, then make sure that they comply with all of the regulations and have the necessary qualifications and experience to do this crucial part of the advertising process in the best way possible.

Specific Food Products and Requirements

Some products require strict rules when they are being marketed and in addition to social responsibilities, products such as food, alcohol, beauty, medicine, tobacco and environment-related services need to follow very professional guidelines, otherwise severe penalties can apply.

You should work in tandem with your marketing, legal, and creative team to get the right wording and the right images to convey the message you want in the best way possible. If you do not have all of these professionals in your organisation, then you can work with an on-line advertising agency.

Data Protection Laws and On-line Advertising

If you are collecting any information or data from your potential clients or regular customers, then you will need to comply with all of the laws regarding privacy on the Internet. If you are exchanging currency for goods or services on the web, then you will also need to use secure systems that encrypt and protect the financial and personally-identifying information related to your customers.

In addition to your company website, you might also consider more resources where potential clients can go on the Internet, such as an industry blog, a forum for users of your site, a company Facebook page where you can share coupons and rebates, and static sales pages that are geared to selling a specific product or service.